The Never Engine / Event Horizon

by Despot & Abstract Elements

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c²³ While listening, I felt like I was on the outskirts of a cyberpunk cityscape. Glowing neon monoliths in one direction - a dark expanse in the other. Favorite track: The Never Engine.


Although already established as a label entirely reliable when it comes to releasing quality unconventional electronic music, even the the broad masculine shoulders of Eternia Music simply cannot carry such an important responsibility alone. Subsequently, sub label label ETERNIA NEVER has been raised from the nether to both relieve the ever building pressure and push back the boundaries of experimental breakbeat as far as the ear can hear.

So whether it is older material previously considered too ahead of its time to sell, or sounds so fresh that they defy contemporary generic definition and have been hard to find, ETERNIA NEVER is now your momma, your daddy and your pusher in the online alley.

To scratch that sonic itch that other prescriptions just dont touch

When seeking beats that bypass the dancefloor and go straight for the brain

For when you suddenly realise that there’s more to life than Skrillex and need to wash away the shame in a sea of soothing sub bass



Helping launch Eternia Never into existence are Despot and Abstract Elements, who collaborated to create both of the tunes chosen to fill the first release.

Fitting the ethos of the label more than just phonetically, A side The Never Engine is much less rigidly mechanical than the name might suggest. Instead it swirls subtly into earshot with a sparse break, entrancing pads and a smattering of soft bleeps. Then, perhaps to preserve the integrity of the sonic space already set out, only a suitably restrained bassline is added to this mix, meaning that The Never Engine offers one of the smoothest rides available in the 85/170bpm range at the moment.

Floating further out into the ether on the flip is Event Horizon – a serene sojourn along the fringe that has nothing at all to do with the 1997 gory horror movie of the same name. Lush pads, a lazy synth, and barely there beats and bass coalesce into a dreamy soundscape that will set you adrift with sensory bliss.


released October 29, 2012

Production: Despot, Abstract Elements
Mastering: Despot
Artwork: Tomas Toleikis



all rights reserved


Eternia Music Vilnius, Lithuania

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